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Digital and AI solutions for Enterprises and Consumers


PowerUp is a suite of multi-purpose components that enable rapid concept-to-business realization. It provides diverse capabilities covering content authoring, personalized learning, collaboration, rules-driven workflow, project management, process digitization, and analytics.


Wealthyzer is a FinTech company that empowers individuals with financial planning, portfolio design, wealth management, and financial education solutions to achieve financial freedom and realize long term wealth goals.


AmpliFinn is a FinTech company that empowers Banks & Financial Institutions transform their offerings, experiences and operations with innovative and impactful products, services and solutions, leveraging cutting edge technology. More…


Rainbow is a personal development & career success enablement platform for all individuals irrespective of their career stage. It provides a holistic framework for defining & designing career profile, data insights driven tools to apply the framework, and unleashing one’s potential to achieve personal success & happiness.


GuideMyFolio is an AI driven, behavior finance embedded decision support system that enables every investor to make intelligent, well-timed, and insights driven investment decisions, enhance investment discipline, find promising opportunities, and generate better returns from their portfolio.


Wellspring is a learning platform focusing on teens and early stage adults with unique content and experiences covering mindfulness, habits, health, financial awareness, and social perspectives. It helps lay a holistic foundation to realize one’s potential and achieve success in life.


provides industry leading product suite for Enterprises to drive their Cloud Transformation initiatives. It automates enterprise analysis, transformation design, migration, deployment & optimized management of hybrid infrastructure; enabling institutions to realize business-aligned cloud strategy in a matter of days with guaranteed business results. More…


MeaningSphere is an online platform where you can focus your energy to realize meaning in your work. Our uniquely crafted experiences can help shift perspectives, make changes, and realize goals. MeaningSphere provides practical self-discovery tools, introduce you to highly trained guides, and communities of like-minded people who want to learn and grow together in a safe, secure, and respectful environment.

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