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We are a Digital Innovation Lab

We incubate, develop and mentor Software led Business solutions

We are focused on Financial Services, Insurance, Health Care & Technology industries.

We believe that there are nine distinct dimensions for innovation and solution creation through smart use of software.

We measure success by the degree of impact delivered by the solution.



We incubate concepts from inception stage to full fledged business entities

Digital transformation enables organizations to create, engage, deliver and optimize their Products and Services in the way their customers demand them – flexible and personalized. This involves converting data into insight, translating insight into action and transforming actions into business outcomes.

Research has proven that digital leaders outperform their peers in every industry. It has also been established that business organizations with strong transformation management,

- Derive more revenue from their physical and capital assets
- Are more profitable
- Achieve higher market valuations
- Deliver engaging experiences for their customers

We actively partner with Startups, Software Product companies and Corporations in transforming concepts to real businesses


We are focused on early stage business ideas. We invest in and mentor Entrepreneurs in concept validation, product strategy, functional road map, MVP scoping and software development. We actively participate in the overall solution development.


For Startups which have already finalized their MVP and early stage funding, we enable accelerated solution development by providing white labeled software components, tools and frameworks for rapid concept-to-platform life cycle.


For Startups who have developed proven MVP solutions, we help with focused market evaluation in the US, identification of high impact industry use cases and deploying business solutions with target customer base.

If you want to accelerate your Idea-to-Business lifecyle, come partner with us!